our vision.

our objective is to make cool minis. also, when paying a good fifty bucks sor a small plastic dude, you should get the best service and the best experience. for that reason at bold miniatures we obsess with things like the packaging the mini is shipped in or how things are organised in the box. 

and who might you be?

my name is mario. i work as a programmer from eight to five and run bold miniatures after that. since my regular job pays the bills, i have the freedom of making models out of characters i would like to paint myself, and not just things that would sell well. i like to think that that freedom of choice shows up in the characters you can buy here. 

how we choose our minis

most of our models are based in concepts and artworks that artists made for themselves when they felt the inspiration kicking in. we browse every day for those cool pieces of art, and when we find one we think is worth becoming a bold miniature, we try to convince the artist to let us make a mini out of it. some times it takes some convincing, some times they love the idea, but when they agree, we know we will create something very special out of it.

our relation with the artists

ethics before business. all our concepts are always properly licensed and we don’t haggle with artist’s rates. it is also important for us to give them artistic freedom so they can create their vision of the concepts, which we believe it helps make the difference between good and great miniatures.

about sexism

to be respectful to all people we will never sexualise our characters for the sake of it or to increase sales. you’ll find tough, badass, ugly and beautiful minis, but you won’t find any of them wearing bikini armour or high heels to the battlefield. that is a promise.