Our vision

We want to elevate miniatures to art, setting  a new standard in how collection models should be envisioned and presented. Focusing enormously in character design and pushing the limits of our sculpts, to deliver truly beautiful figures worth collecting.

And who might you be?

Bold miniatures is Mario Ferreira Vilanova; hobby painter and miniature enthusiast located in Karlstad, Sweden. With so many great concepts out there, we feel more of them should be sculpted so miniature enthusiasts all over the world can enjoy painting them. That’s is how we want to contribute to the hobby. Collaborating with concept artists in order to bring their work to a form of miniature for you to enjoy and paint. All of our models are very exclusive. By limiting the amount of copies of each model, we can focus on quality and present them to you in elegant packaging, with a certificate of authenticity that depicts the story of the miniature and additionally the original concept signed by its artist.

How we choose our minis

We don’t hire concept artists to create our characters, dictating them concepts. We spend countless hours browsing conceptual art which was formed by the artists own muse in search for that one piece of artwork that will make the next Bold Miniature. Then we contact the artist. We do this because we look for characters with personality, story and charisma. You won’t find generic warriors, wizards or soldiers among our minis. All our creations live in a world that would not be complete without them and they could only become a reality from their artist’s unadulterated inspiration.

Our relation with the artists

We believe in honest, straightforward communication with the artists we work with. It is important for us to give them artistic freedom so they can create their vision of the concepts. That’s what makes the difference between good and great miniatures. And since they are the creators of the characters that will later become those miniatures we love, it is very important for us to recognise that work and reach agreements that are fair for everybody.

About sexism

If you try to find a female miniature that is not in bikini, high heels or has tremendously disproportionate breasts, you are going to have a hard time. There is a lot of sexism in this hobby and we won’t support that. To be respectful to all people we will never sexualise our characters for the sake of it or to increase sales. You’ll find tough, badass, ugly and beautiful minis, but you won’t find any of them wearing bikini armour or high heels to the battlefield. That is a promise.

Want to get in touch?

Awesome! Just send us an email (mario@boldminiatures.com) or write directly to us through our Facebook page.